AWAR is teaming up with inspiring male and female leaders in the aviation industry to launch the AWAR Ambassadors program. In the spirit of the truly international nature of the aviation industry, AWAR will pursue a global approach by engaging and affiliating with like-minded partners, advocates and allies in major aviation hubs to expand our reach and support our mission.

The AWAR Ambassadors will be based in Europe (London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris and Helsinki), the Middle East (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo), Australia (Sydney), North America (New York, Los Angeles and Dallas) and South America (Sao Paulo).  

We will be sharing more information about AWAR Ambassadors in the coming weeks and months!

Sarah Pirzada Usmani

Managing Director, Head of Asset & Export Finance, Loan Capital Markets, Global Corporate Finance, First Abu Dhabi Bank

AWAR Ambassador, United Arab Emirates

Sarah has over 19 years of corporate and investment banking experience having worked across a number of banking divisions such as Project & Export Finance, Asset Finance, Structured Finance, Structured Trade Finance & Financing Solutions and Client Relationships across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Currently based in UAE, Sarah is Managing Director & Head of Asset & Project Finance at First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). She joined FAB from Standard Chartered Bank in 2016 where she spent 16 years and held a number of senior roles including but not limited to: Regional Head of Asset Finance & Leasing, Regional Head of Structured Export Finance, ASEAN Coordinator for Structured Trade Finance, and Financing Solutions, based in London, Singapore and Karachi.

Sarah has significant experience in the corporate finance space including Asset Finance, having successfully delivered bespoke financing solutions to clients across sectors such as mining, construction, shipping and aviation (including Airlines, Lessors & Manufacturers), demonstrating ability to support the sector in multiple ways.

Sarah has also worked closely with European and Asian Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) having originated, led and concluded several landmark, award winning Project & Export finance transactions and advisory assignments for regional and international clients across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Sarah holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Institute of Business Administration Karachi (Pakistan).


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